Free K-12 Home Schooling Program!

Our mission is to meet the unique needs of your child. Antelope Valley Learning Academy (AVLA) offers public home schooling, where parents can make sure their kids are taught the way they want. And since it’s a public school, it’s completely free!

At AVLA, we understand that every student is different. Each student has a different learning style, and they come from many different backgrounds. The struggles and successes vary from one student to the next. We do not subscribe to the idea that ‘one size fits all.’

Students who attend AVLA are all taught individually in a home-based setting. At AVLA, the parent is the primary instructor with the support of a California credentialed teacher. No two students are ever alike, and their learning plans are created accordingly. Each student is educated in the way that works best for them, not what is easiest for the teacher.  This is known as Personalized Learning.

Teachers are trained to get to the core of each and every student. Find out what makes them tick. Learn their back story. Understand how each student learns. As a result, AVLA teachers do more than educate. They are counselors. Friends. Mentors. Role Models.

In addition, we offer an optional classroom, where your child can attend learning center classes two days a week at one of our resource centers for additional support and enrichment.  No class has more than 15 students enrolled, so you can be assured your student will receive the time and attention they deserve. We also have tutors on site for extra help.