AVLA’s school year calendar runs from September–June (with traditional holidays & school breaks) but you can enroll at anytime. AV Learning offers classes available from morning to afternoon.

Students are assigned one (1) highly qualified credentialed teacher for all core subjects. Students enrolled take core subjects and elective courses simultaneously.

  • Online Classes
  • Tutoring
  • Small Group Instruction
  • WASC Accredited
  • A-G Core Courses

AVLA takes the social emotional learning of its staff, students, and stakeholders very seriously. One of our goals is to ensure that all elements of the school operate through a trauma informed lens. We all go through adverse situations in life, and we know that trauma is not the event itself, but how each individual responds to traumatic events. The answer to trauma lies in the ability to develop resiliency, which is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. While our independent study model and flexible scheduling are by nature trauma informed, AVLA goes beyond being trauma informed by training all staff on how traumatic events affect learning, and how to develop trauma informed practices within our resource centers. Students may take advantage of a variety of resiliency and wellness classes offered. Please ask a teacher or staff member about our resiliency programs.

Written By:
Abi Lawrence